Dashboard Confessional

“Manhead has been a terrific partner for Dashboard Confessional and our fan base. Time and again they have helped as we searched to find the visual aesthetic that reflects the spirit of our music. Music evolves, bands evolve, fans evolve and Manhead understands this very well because Manhead is a creative entity, always evolving and never letting us down. ” Chris Carrabba

Fall Out Boy

“Manhead has been a great partner for us through out the years. We have always seen the merchandise and clothing aspects of our band as having a through thread to the music- we have envisioned it being one vision that is unique and strange and singular unto itself.” Pete Wentz


“Manhead took us from
 old-fashioned to new fashion. They quadrupled our sales. That’s Train fan positive feedback. It’s nice to have people who care about our merch.” Pat Monahan

Matt and kim

“Service with a smile. That slogan was invented for Manhead. They’re organized, communicative, forever helpful and have immediate follow-through. Love them.” Kevin Patrick, Manager

All American Rejects

“I recently went to Costa Rica with the Manhead crew because they are cool people to surf and hang with. They dont even do our merch anymore but when they did it was awesome.” Chris Gaylor, Drummer