Founder & CEO

    “I started Manhead, nearly by accident, back in the mid-90s. I was in a band that toured a lot. Through trial, error, and selling a lot of shirts on the road, I learned a lot about the merch biz…so I offered my services to other bands I knew. The business grew and I started getting calls from bigger bands. One of those calls was from Bad Religion. I sold their merch on tour, built and managed their online store, and fulfilled orders out of my basement. One afternoon I got a call from Ryan Gentles, booker at the Mercury Lounge (who I knew from the New Jersey band scene), telling me about a new band that he was managing. He said they were going to be massive and played me songs over the phone…then asked me to print 50 shirts. I agreed they would be massive…but my minimum was 144 shirts. That band was The Strokes. Long story short, they became pretty popular and I had a real business. Wanting more retail merchandising experience, I took a position over at Blue Grape in New York. I ran their tour department and signed bands to merch deals, eventually leaving to establish BandMerch’s New York office. With all this experience under my belt, I decided it was time to go back out on my own. Interpol and Shinedown became clients, then Something Corporate, The All-American Rejects, Fueled by Ramen bands (like Paramore)…and here we are…years later with a ton of cool bands.”

    Hobbies: surfing, trying not to get fat.
    Favorite bands: Descendents, Dag Nasty
    Currently listening to: Dredg, Futures, KONGOS, Pierce the Veil, Biffy Clyro, Muse, Circa Waves


    VP & General Manager

    “As VP & GM, my role at Manhead is to keep everyone happy. I juggle lots of moving parts to make damn sure customers, clients, employees, owners, accountants and lawyers get everything they need. I got my first job in the merch business when my band lost six dozen t-shirts out on the road…and I ended up paying for them by cleaning silkscreens in a remote printshop. 20+ years later, I’ve managed teams in New York, London and Los Angeles (though luckily I’m no longer managing the cleaning of silkscreens).”

    Hobbies: When I’m not working, I avoid mid-life crisis by training for and competing in triathlons, and watching every televised minute of European pro cycling.
    Favorite Bands: Dag Nasty, Sloan, Wire, Aerosmith, Oasis, The Clash.
    Currently listening to: This exact second? Swervedriver


    VP of Artist Services

    “I’m VP of Artist Services and head up Manhead’s e-commerce site, I work with artists to set-up their online stores, produce their product, run promotions and sales, and develop new avenues to sell online. I started touring and playing professionally at the age of 18 with my band Living Sacrifice. 13 years and six albums later, armed with everything I’d learned, I moved to Nashville and started, a merch, e-commerce and fulfillment company. We developed a great relationship with Manhead and worked closely with many of their clients…so eventually I decided to come aboard.”

    A little bit about me: I have three daughters and I hang out with them a lot. I still play in my metal band sometimes. I like puppies and kittens, and long walks on the beach…oh and sunsets too.
    Bands I love (and so should you): Quicksand, Cave In, Jawbox, Farside, Extol, The Life And Times.


    VP of Production

    “As VP of Production I think of myself as the middle-person between our roster of skilled suppliers, and our clients. My mission is to make certain the products we dream up in the pre-production phase are realized with the utmost quality before reaching clients’ hands. You’re happy…I’m happy. You’re not…I break someone’s legs.”

    Other things that make me happy: traveling hidden parts of the world and that loud rock ‘n’ roll music!


    Art Director

    “I’m the Art Director here at Manhead…in my opinion one of the most exciting positions…because I get to develop all the product lines from the ground up. Staying on top of trends is a passion of mine, and it’s an important part of creating relevant designs, but I love sitting one-on-one with the artists as well. It gives me perspective and informs me on what they’re really about. Those details often translate into the best designs… and top sellers!”

    Hobbies: Anything active. Snowboarding, skateboarding, spinning, running…you name it. I also love arts and crafts; right now I’m learning a new form of calligraphy.


    Tour Coordinator

    “I am a tour coordinator here at Manhead. I always knew I would work in the music industry. As a teenager I wanted to be a studio engineer and follow in my fathers footsteps but his advice to me was “don’t do it son” so I picked up a guitar and hit the road playing in a few different bands. After a few year’s of grinding, and playing a side stage for 2 summer’s of the warped tour I wound up trading in my 6 strings for some merch boxes. So I crawled back in the van, this time as the merchandise manager and started slinging tee’s and chuckin boxes around the world and after a few longer years on the road with Dr Dog, Pepper and Finch, I eventually wound up across the east river in china town when an opportunity opened up to work at Manhead… running tours, going to casinos and checking out national parks.”



    The “E” in E-Commerce stands for exciting!

    “Having over 6 years of experience in artist merchandising, it’s safe to say I live the merch life. Online sales and marketing, as it relates to band and artist e-commerce, has been my primary focus for the majority of my professional years – the best of those being spent with Manhead.

    It is my objective to provide our clients with professional expertise and person attention. E-Commerce has become an integral part to any artist’s success and I am the one to help facilitate that. In many ways, I act as a consultant to our bands and help them navigate their own unique opportunities and challenges.

    I kill for high percentage click thru rates.

    In my spare time I enjoy living, laughing and loving. We out here!”


    Project Manager

    As a Project Manager I believe 100% in making every artist, band and their managers feel like they are our only project. Working and watching a merch line develop from that first call/email to a reality on a tour is an amazing feeling. The best thing about this job is that I get to work with a great artist, team of designers and Production all while trying to keep those tight deadlines because we all know “itʼs always an emergency”.
    Fun fact: 13 years ago I toured as a merch dude with the 1st band Manhead had signed.